Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A last minute decision to do a ferry survey due to the arrival of a work experience placement, (Jessica Cross) produced a mixed bag and some near misses cetaceanwise. just out of Fishyguard Harbour we lucked into a small pod of Common Dolphins which got us off to a storming start. A few more porpoises followed and them nothing except a couple of enigmatic splashes and another very distant unidentified pod of Dolphins off the Tusker.
With light nights, we gave it half an hour on the bridge on the 21.15 sailing but gave up and left just before the crew spotted some Risso's and a Minke. The return morning trip was pretty quiet but still produced a couple of small pods of commons. Unfortunately a shower of rain curtailed the survey as we rounded Pen Anglas and we missed the four Bottlenose Dolphins Ian Hotchin had seen from his boat just an hour earlier, halfway along the southern shore of Dinas Island!