Sunday, 25 July 2010

One man and his Yacht!

Hello Cliff,

On Thursday 22nd I sailed in my small junk rigged sailing boat from Fishguard to Solva, overnighted in Solva. On 23rd I sailed out to Grassholm and back to Solva, overnighted there again, and sailed from Solva back to Fishguard on 24th.Got some good sightings listed below.

22nd July:0630 GMT just E of Strumble Head about 1/2 mile offshore 12 porpoises no accompanying birds calm sea low swell.

1020 GMT in south end of Ramsey Sound 3 porpoises feeding 12 gannets overhead wind NE'ly 4 slight sea moderate W'ly swell

23rd July: 0650 GMT 51 50.2 N 05 15.8 W about 10 common dolphins heading E very fast occ'ly porpoising no birds wind NE'ly 2 slight sea low W'ly swell

0800 GMT 51 50 N 05 16.5 W 2 common dolphins swam round the boat twice before heading S. Other details same as above

0825 GMT 51 48.4 N 05 20.4 W 6 or 8 commons dolphins swam round the boat several times before heading SE. Details as above

0855 GMT 51 47.9 N 05 21.5 W 2 common dolphins heading NE. Details as above

0910 GMT 51 47.6 N 05 22.3 W 2 common dolphins heading S. Details same.

24th July: 0915 GMT just east of Strumble Head again 2 porpoises 4 gannets overhead wind SW'ly 5/6 rough sea and moderate W'ly swell.

0933 GMT North of Carregwastad Point 1 lone porpoise. No birds weather details as above.

I had intended on the 23rd to sail out to the Smalls area but the wind fell light and the tide was setting me south so I turned back for Solva on reaching a position just N of Grassholm. Next time the Smalls, and beyond !

Regards, Ian.