Monday, 30 August 2010

Having a Whale of a Time!!!

It just gets better out here in the Irish Sea, we gathered Elizabeths team and made our way up to the bridge for the afternoons departure for Rosslare. The sea was emerald and turquoise dying down to a sea state two with hardly a zephyr of cloud to hide the strong sun. We copped a couple of Porpoisses and then nothing, and nothing and nothing until we approached the Risso's triangle and then it all began to happen with Risso's following Risso's in quick order! I was just beginning to wonder if it could get any better when in the far distance a long black back emerged like a small island followed by a hooked dorsal fin....Yikes! a fin Whale !!! heheh! (Pic from Wildcat trip in August last year) What will tomorrow bring?