Saturday, 14 August 2010

Too late! early birds catch the Risso's

Apologies, not sure who's photo this is...

I popped down to Strumble at around 3 pm surprised to find only one other sea watcher there.
the wind was northerly and I thought there would be a reasonable chance of some interesting birds even though not good conditions for porp spotting. I caught a couple of glimpses of animals in the big surfs but gave in after half an hour as not even the birds were particularly interesting . But Adrian Rogers was way ahead...

Hi Cliff ,

A pod of at least 4 Risso's Dolphins seen at Strumble Head this morning at approx. 8.30 a.m. Feeding beneath Gannets at a distance of 1 mile & slowly moving West.


Dave and Sharon Brittain also had a nice encounter of the porpoise kind...

Hi Cliff,

Saw a porpoise with a calf or juv just of Wiseman's Bridge today,
spent a good while watching them seemingly playing and occasionally leaping out of the water.


Dave and Sharon