Monday, 23 August 2010

Whats happening out there?

Richard Stonier and Strumble veteran Richard Davies, have been noticing a warship off Strumble in recent days. Yesterday using their magnificent ID skills they identified it as "HMS Echo"
According to Wikipedia, the naval survey vessel (which also has submarine support capabilities) is in the Far east on a five year mission ,however further research has revealed...

"17th Aug 2010HMS ECHO Visits Dublin
Having recently completed Operational Sea Training HMS Echo enjoyed a highly rewarding visit to the capital city of Dublin in mid August as part of a mid leg stand down from surveying in Cardigan Bay. "

Although according to available information, it does not carry SURTAS, the low frequency sonar responsible for many deep diving cetacean deaths , it does carry and use a range of sophisticated electronic equipment that might endanger animals in these cetacean rich waters.

Apparently it has been working in the area for the past 5 weeks, it will be interesting to know if there are any suspicious strandings over the period.
A Minke Whale stranded on the Lleyn Peninsular North Wales was suffering from malnutrition and old age according to Welsh Marine Strandings Coordinator, Rod Penrose.

If we spot Bin Laden rowing into Fishguard our eagle eyed observers will alert the Navy. It would be nice if they would tell us what they are up to!
Incidentally, The Welsh Assembley Marine Ecosystem Group has been pushing for a hydrographic survey for some time. Any chance of sharing a bit of info? The Irish Defence Forces work closely with and support the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group!