Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day five We need some Risso's pic's (no pressure Rich!)

Ace photographer Rich Crossen has been tasked today with getting us a great Risso's shot, he says if we can get the captain to get a bit closer he will. Sadly Captain Chris o'Connor seems to think going in straight lines rather than zig zagging across the Irish Sea is the best use of his ferry so it aint going to happen! We will have to rely upon the Risso's to allow us to get closer before wandering off into the glare. Amazingly we have had more Risso's encounters than Common Dolphin or Porpoise. Are we seeing the same animals or is there a constant stream heading in and out of the southern Irish Sea? As yet we have not manged to get any photo's that would help identify them . Yesterday though, we had a couple of Risso's which seemed to be associating with Common Dolphins on the way to Fishguard . Coming back to Rosslare we had another similarly composed group in more or less the same area...
Clive Hurford and Janet Baxter have both reported encountering Risso's and Commons associating. Which begs the question, what are they eating?Risso's are supposed to be squid eaters and Commons usually (hereabouts ) Mackerel etc. Always more questions than answers but we are at least sure of the fact that there are a heck of a lot of animals out here!
Kim's team will be joining us today so lets hope the cetaceans keep on coming!