Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Four species in three days!

Above: porpoises off Strumble : Michael Rich Below: Bottle Newquay : Walrus

Having completed the ferry survey with sightings of Risso's and Common Dolphin also Porpoises, Rich Crossen and I took the opportunity whilst in the area, for a look for some Bottlenose Dolphins from Newquay yesterday. We met up with volunteer, Caroline of the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Group who was surveying from the Harbour Wall. Unfortunately for us we arrived a bit late for a display of breaching and fishing but still managed some tantalising glimpses of at least two individuals the best views were of a well grown juvenile which we were informed was possibly a regular known as Barry or Bazza! He did not want to play for Richards fearsome array of camera and gynormous lens so as the saying goes; I will substitute one I took earlier!