Friday, 3 September 2010

Out with a bang!...or a whimper?

Another sunny day dawns over the Wexford Bay, our last of this years Dolphin-othon.
Verena and Rhi Till and the Walrus are the team this morning ,again the sea state is a little choppy but not much more than Sea State 3 probably calming down as we progress in a majestic fashion towards sunny Pembrokeshire.
It aint easy with lots of glare and gnarly little wavelets but we will do our best to sort out the flippery things and progress the scoreboard.
I havent looked at totals yet but I have a feeling it will be pretty impressive. We have recorded five species so far,(Porp, Com.Dol, Risso's, Minke and Fin Whales.) a sixth would be a new record.
So what will Sarahs team see... it would be good to finish with a bang!