Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Verena and Kelly go it alone!

I've been on a Ferry Survey with Kelly today. We left Fishguard Harbour with the Sea being a State 3 and got a bit wet as it started to rain. Getting closer to Ireland the weather improved and the Sea calmed down. But still we could not spot any Cetaceans. After a while I went over to the starboard side, and 3 Common Dolphins appeared right in front of me. I shouted for Kelly, but when she came over the dolphins were gone. We went on and saw nothing but water. Nearly being in Rosslare, we decided to end this survey, when we suddenly saw a Splash in the water and a fast moving Dolphin, although it was too fast to identify it. Kelly was really enthusiastic about being in Ireland as it was her first time in Ireland and we had a lot of fun exploring the Beach of Rosslare. We hope the Sea is calm tomorrow and we can see more cetaceans.

On the way back in the morning we saw more than we saw on the way there that's for sure. About ten minutes into the survey we saw common dolphins then for the next 3 sightings they were about ten minutes apart. We were on a roll!
Then bit of a gap between the next sighting but these were all right up close to the boat! About 3 or 4 common dolphins swam right past the bow of the boat and for one second I thought they were going to be fish food! It was okay though they popped up on the port side right next to the boat which was pretty cool.
It was not good weather though with about sea state 3 and it also started to rain so we went and stood in the bridge under shelter. Didn't want to get the binoculars wet. Honest that was the only reason.