Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Early birds got the Risso's

Adrian told me he was going to Strumble today and invited me to join him this morning . A load of things were piling up so I said I would try but did not get there until this afternoon, The sea was big and nasty and I saw nothing, too late!

Hi Cliff ,

Got to Strumble this morning to find Red Liford from Ceredigion on the 2nd day of a two day visit. Not much in the way of birds but at approx 10 a.m. i saw a large Dolphin breach at the 11 o'clock position about half way out which made a huge splash. The only feature i had was it showed quite a large tail. Later on at 10.30 ish Red called he had a Large Fin , Tide race distance in the same area.The animal showed again which i got onto then another showed slightly further out which we both saw & we then both watched 2 Risso's Dolphin surface another time before they disappeared not to be seen again. Porpoises very tricky to see this morning because of sea conditions but there were a few about.

All the best