Monday, 18 October 2010

Interesting bits!

Some of our time aboard the Cartlett Lady yesterday was spent tracking down several concentrations of feeding seabird congregations that strangely failed to produce the attendant cetaceans we were expecting! Steve Rossers pictures show part of the reason why...
"You wondered what the gulls were feeding on. They look like baby herring to me. What a clever gull managing 2 fish."
Nice one Steve, another little clue that we would never have had a few years ago when high quality digital cameras were less available . It was porobably predatory fish pushing these herring fry/whitebait up to the surface , Bass or maybe even sharks as our old mate Nick o' Sullivan had apparently been catching both Blue and Porbeagle in the area during the week. In themselves the whitebait were probably not big enough prey for dolphins to consider worth the while. We hung about for a while becaiuse it was a classic Minke situation but failed to see anything other than the sea birds. Ah well all that shines is not silver!