Sunday, 14 November 2010

I have seen the light!

Verena came round this afternoon to help me prepare for our day with Mathry School, working on learning about their marine environment and its wildlife, tomorrow.

I was hoping we would get an hour of daylight to check out the Strumble Porpoises and see if the recommenced rape of our inshore waters by the scallop dredgers was having an effect.
But it was getting on for four o clock by the time we got there , a small chop from the north west and the lowering sun combined for difficulty viewing so we went around to the lighthouse steps to look for seals. A late pup, possibly just weaned, was playing the cute card with its whitish coat and big soulful eyes.
About five or more miles out, a fishing boat had an incredibly bright light burning aloft its masthead. I was watching the boat trying to work out what it was doing, when two bottlenose dolphins leaped simultaneously in its vicinity. I heard Verena's gasped wow and amazingly we had both witnessed these distant dolphin aerobatics. They repeated the performance a couple more times just to prove to us it was not just wishful dreaming and then disappeared without a trace into the gloaming. A truly magical and almost incredible moment of reward for our effort!