Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Making the most of the weather!

A sunny morning made a trip to see if we could see some more Bottles off Newquay Harbour Wall seem worthwhile. The first pod were seen coming into the bay as we were having lunch in the Mariners Cafe! I was a little complacent and finished my lunch (quickly!) in the knowledge there would be no boats to disturb them and high tide was a couple of hours away. Wrong!
They were a bit frustrating, I probably missed the best of them as by the time I got out they were keeping their distance and only hung around for a short time. But still their acrobatics made the trip worthwhile, probably three individuals.
Another brief sighting at high tide was equally frustrating as I missed the only close animal, but did get a shot of a big fish being flung out of the water, probably a Sewin (sea trout) or Salmon.
This pod contained at least four animals but again they kept their distance.
I suppose we have been a little bit spoilt over the past couple of months, but even though the crowds have gone away, the dolphins still come out to play!