Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mystery cetacean at Carfai

Whilst I was talking to Powell Strong, late afternoon yesterday on the landline, he took a call on his mobile. On the other end was Rob Kimberly who was watching a mystery cetacean close in Carfai Bay It was almost dark and Rob was having a job describing the animal. He reckoned it was blowing and about ten feet long and mainly dark. It was a bit odd with a three way conversation going on with poor Powell playing Piggy in the middle. After a few minutes the dark closed in and Rob had to give up... Guesses revolved around Risso's, Pilot Whale or Bottlenose Dolphin but we will probably never know! It did occur to us that it was pretty unusual for an animal to be so close in here and it could be unwell, Would be nice to know if it turns up stranded or anyone else saw it!