Monday, 13 December 2010

December Dolphins bring good cheer!

As we arrived on the bridge of the Stena Europe, we heard the dreaded words "Loads of dolphins this morning , you should have been there!"... In fact "Big Al" had put down a pod of 50 Commons in his log as well as several other sightings from the week including several smaller pods of Commons and two Risso's Sightings.
So that was probably going to put the mockers on things....except... the weather was calm and the sea state a lovely 1 to 2, overcast and as we left the harbour we saw flocks of feeding sea birds off Strumble. Soon after we logged our first porpoises. and then some more and then another.There were odd Fulmars, Auks (mostly breeding plumaged) and plenty of gulls to keep us amused over the cold short afternoon. And then Steve Rosser shouted "splashes" Rich Crossen (the third member of our team) and I were soon on them, a lovely pod of circa 15 obviously feeding but as we approached came in to bowride!
A few moments later Steve picked up more splashes several hundred metres to portside
we estimated another ten or so. By then we were about half way across with the Tusker Rock lighthouse winking at us in the distance. The light was beginning to fail, the cold was creeping into the marrow of our bones, it was time to call it a day! Roll on tomorrow,