Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A little bit new and a little bit old!

Happy New Year Cliff What a lovely day to be out - nothing unusual but great to see 3 Porpoises foraging for about half an hour on the low tide at the south end of Ramsey Sound, along with a seal - no sign of an otter though! Also I'm passing on a report from Porthgain Rowing Club of a single Porpoise possibly a juvenile off the harbour there last week. I've been keeping an eye out over the last few weeks on this stretch of coast but haven't had a sighting myself since last september. All the best Phil Lees

Hi Cliff, I found this unfortunate animal washed up on Cefn Sidan beach during clean up on 23/09/2010. I meant to send you the photo soon after, but forgot (my memory has never been my strong point!). I was reminded when I was browsing the WWBIC website a few minutes ago, and noticed that you are the marine mammal recorder. I thought it might be a porpoise or a young dolphin? Sorry about the lack of scaling, but it’s about 0.5m in length, but obviously deformed because of its advanced state of decomposition. I have kept it if you need the skull or any other remaining parts. I’d be grateful if you could let me know what you think. Many thanks. Best Wishes, Brian Mogford

Great that you were out and about today Phil and conditions were perfect though sadly I didnt manage to get out to Strumble. Doing a ferry Survey tommorow though, so hopefully will have nice calm seas and see some stuff!

Brians pic is a bit of a poser, although from shape of skull I would guess at some kind of juvenile dolphin. I will let Rod Penrose know (Welsh Marine Strandings Coordinator) and I am sure he would be interested in looking at the remains! Anyone else got an opinion?

Thanks for the report Brian, they all help to paint the picture!