Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hi Cliff,
Happy New Year
I have done a couple of surveys since the New Year and can report numbers in the sound are similar to last month with the two calfs that I mentioned also. I have not spotted 'split fin' but saw two marked individuals, one with a nick in the fin similar to those seen in 2008 and one with a white mark like a backwards s.
Unfortunately I am haqving problems with my zoom lense so no printable pictures.
attached acouple for reference for you.
Also lucky enough to have some good views of an Otter in the sound just off Pen al-adreyn.

Record shots are always good and add interest, even if they are not going to end up on the Countryfile Caqlendar. This is the reality of wildlife watching, and I love the "Ring of Bright Water" shot! thanks Malcolm!