Monday, 31 January 2011

Return of the Otter?

Hi Cliff,
out at the Sound Saturday, a few porpoise turned up at the end of the ebb tide and passed through, very brief, but hanging around for a while at Pen Dal-aderyn (same as last time, earlier this month) As you can see from the pics it was doing a bit of hunting in between relaxing and eventually caught a fish and moved of somewhere for lunch, cheers Malcolm
Thanks for this Malcolm , it seems otters are being sighted much more frequently around our coast here in Pembrokeshire. And Ramsay sound is no exception. I wonder if we/Malcolm are seeing the same animals or a wandering population.
I took advantage of calm weather this weekend paying Strumble a couple of visits on both Saturday and Sunday . A north easterly breeze was affecting the tiderace making for a messy little sea and I saw nothing . On Sunday I caught the tide just on the turn with a placid sea
which revealed porpoises . Most were quite distant and undemonstrative, spread out over a couple of miles. Without the clear good light and unruffled surface most would have been invisible. I estimated around twenty animals some in twos and threes, others showing singly, probably an underestimate.