Sunday, 6 March 2011

Catch up with reports.

I spoke to you today after spotting an otter on my paddling trip.I saw it on the rocks for a second before it dived in 5mins later it surfaced in front of the boat.this was on 06/03/11 at approx 1130 at Cerrig Duon point.Last week, friday 25/02/11 I saw 4 maybe 6 Harbour Porpoises on the outer side of the north break water Fishguard Harbour. I was out there between 1600 and 1700 paddling around and they were spread along the wall approx 100m off.
From steve Parker
Libman, Dave "C", was out and about at Newquay and seeing porpoises in good numbers , sadly my internet is playing up and I lost his message but thanks Dave and also for your contribution to the Ferry trip.
allthingsgood, cliff