Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I got it wrong!

Image Rich Crossen
I looked up weather reports etc and given we needed to do a ferry survey and pressures to get other things done, opted to survey on the ferry 15th /16th , yesterday and today.

What was particularly obvious was that we are on the hinges of winter and spring, with at least 6 Manxie sightings and little brown jobs tracking the Stena Europe both today and when I walked the top deck yesterday night.

The only positive sightings yesterday were sightings of avian migrants... 8 Chaffinches (females) yesterday afternoon and a couple of Manxies. Given the blustery overcast conditions even an "A team" of observers were bound to struggle finding cetaceans.
Today dawned brighter if not much calmer but as we progressed things improved. A pod of about a dozen Common Dolphins east of the Tusker relieved the threat of a double blank after yesterdays unproductive leg cetacean-wise. Strumble repaid the efforts of our team with several more Porpoise sightings as we passed by.