Thursday, 24 March 2011

Vigilant on the Vigilance

Morris North & I joined Briggs vessel, the Vigilance today as it made it's way from Aberystwyth to Neyland  after a few days surveying in North Wales. As with the ferry trip mentioned below visibilty was not the best with very hazy conditions for most of the trip. However, the sea was, for the most part, flat calm and with the sun shining bright it was great to be out on a boat motoring down this wonderful stretch of the coast.
Sightings were few and far between with just 7 Porpoises seen the entire trip and most of these near Mwnt or further north. The previous day skipper Mark and mate Martin had a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins join the boat up near Pwhlleli and had also received a report of 20+ Bottlenoses off Mwnt. That's the way it goes with cetaceans - right time right place! Nevertheless it was a great trip and many thanks to Briggs for giving Sea Trust the opportunity to join the Vigilance and to Mark and Martin for looking after us so well.