Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Boat disturbance in Newquay?

From : Winnie Courtene-Jones 9:30 PM (11 hours ago) 8 bottlenose dolphins (group of 3 and another of 5) seen from New Quay harbour wall, on 10th April, 10am seemed to be travelling around the bay, but quickly headed off, appearing to move Winnie Courtene-Jones to me show details 4:50 PM (6 hours ago) (I asked Winnie if she had any more info about the boat, thankfully it was none of the wildlife trip boats) not really, it was a white (nice) power boat, man and woman on board, unfortunately no more info than that, sorry i can't be more helpful.it was stationary in the bay, but moved towards the dolphins when they popped up, then when they went it also left (back in the dirction it had come from, and moved up the coast, in the Abberaeron direction) i know enforcing the code is difficult, so thought this was worthy of a mention.out to sea when a motor boat approached them! (not fitting in with the code of conduct law) Well then, a new season, plenty of dophins, hopefully people will take notice of the codes of conduct and everyone can enjoy our fantastic marine wildlife without harrassing it. With somthing like 100 people visiting this blog every day we hope they will keep us up to date and like Winnie let us know if they see stuff that should not be happening!