Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bottlenose Dolphins off Aberystwyth Harbour.

At 9.30am on Sunday 24th April a group of us watched 3 bottlenose dolphins about 150-200 metres offshore from Aberystwyth harbour they appeared to be actively foraging. Sea conditions were excellent. A yacht, a speedboat and a couple of fishing vessels cruised out of the harbour and all these vessels acted responsibly near these animals. A couple in an open Canadian canoe paddled out to the area where the dolphins were foraging but the animals kept their distance.
I can see why it is necessary to conduct a proper scientific study of these animals in this area as the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre are planning to do in collaboration with the Ceredigion County Council.

Observers:- Elfyn Pugh, Adrian Sheppard, Thomas Fisher, Sue Lakeman, Sian Borley.