Saturday, 30 April 2011

Good morning. I was walking round LLanbedrog Headland on the Llyn Peninsula on Thursday 22nd April 2011 at about 8 am and saw this in the water on its own close to the shore. It continued to hug the coastline disappearing for a while below the surface before coming back up again and once or twice seemed to leap out of the water. It continued along what I call quarry beach (the one before Abersoch with the Warren on it) and was seen by some people on the beach. Unfortunate a 3x zoom on a basic camera makes my pictures quite limited. Is it a whale as it seemed quite large in the water?
Thanks Simon Dean

Hi Simon,
Thanks for this, its definitely a cetacean but from your pictures its difficult to get enough information to be sure of what! We can rule out porpoise on size and fin shape. After that it gets tricky. Our bottlenose dolphins are big and the fin shape is right, on the other hand minke whales can have a similar shaped fin. Its difficult to get any scale from your pic's. Bottlenose dolphin would be favourite from the second shot.

Our interest in marine life often poses more questions than answers but either way I bet it was a great sight!

allthingsgood, cliff