Monday, 30 May 2011

Spooky Dolphins

Glowering skies brightened as we followed the coast north from Fishguard on a mobile survey, using the new BRIGGS sponsored  tablet installed with Geographical Information System sourced from WWBRIC (West Wales Biological RecordsInformation Centre) as part of our new attempt to develop an accurate electronic recording system for our sightings. Ceibwr Bay was first stop and bingo! a distant group of five bottlenose dolphins were heading north towards Camaes Head. We filmed and recorded them and then headed off to Newquay Harbour.
Verena seems to have sorted out the glitches we experienced aboard the Stena Europe and also managed to film some Dolphins, Sadly the amount of boats passing back and forwards seemed to be spooking the Dolphins especially one of the trip boats that headed straight out to where a group of half a dozen were hanging around including  a mother and small calf. I have usually found the Newquay boats to be quite sensitive especially within view of the harbour wall but was a bit dissapointed by the fact that at least three boats hung about or made for dolphins that seemed to be in plain view. Whether this was intentional on all of the skippers parts would be difficult to be certain but having observed the scene for about three hours it certainly seemed the animals were being spooked pretty constantly.