Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Phew! porps everywhere!

Busy day today, but after sorting out the Ocean Lab Aquarium. We, Steve, Tony, Verena and self had a look off the  Fishguard outer breakwater. Distantly several porps were showing under about 20 gannets . The tide looked good so we shot off to Strumble where more porpoises were showing well under a similar amount of gannets. Having dropped Stevo and Tony off we decided to have another look from Harbour village where Verena had seen around half a dozen bottles yesterdat. There were some Gannets just on the edge of Pen Anglas, but whatever they wer flying over was out of view. we decided to try and have a look and yomped off over the heather and gorse untill we caught up with them near Pen Anglas. Wowee Zowee, a couple of porps were foraging just below us . Verena filmed them (as I confused her with useless instructions) , none the less we have some nice short snaps which we will add tommorow!