Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ramsay report from Malcolm...

Hi Cliff,
after a failry poor May its great to be seeing more porpoise in the sound.
I was out on Thursday and Saturday (but not Friday !!! when the Risso's put in an appearance...AARGGHH).

Thursday was a little frustrating the turn of the tide was also a busy time for boats crossing the sound so porpoise were a bit spread out and keeping their heads down but I logged about 5 animals moving down the sound.
Saturday turn of the tide was later and there was an uninterupted passage of porpoise down the sound with some porpoise lingering much longer in the area of the bitches.
I spent a good 20 minutes enjoying porpoise surface rushing, gannets diving and fish jumping!

The last couple of hours of my survey was at the South of the sound where I watched porpoise with Gannets circling overhead.
A mother with calf showed up in the calmer water at the edge of the race a couple of times.

But no Risso's!!
I can't believe I have spent five years watching Ramsey Sound and now missed Risso's 3-4 times by the odd day and even by hours!.

I was not the only one out in the fading sunshine, have attached some pics for a wet sunday,(not RC quality) cheers Malcolm

Happy to see porpoise pic's whatever the quality! thanks Malcolm