Friday, 24 June 2011

Verenas bottles Dans bottles same bottles? sounds like it!

After my success in the morning yesterday (Wednesday 22nd) , I went back to Pen Anglas in the afternoon. Soon I spotted 3 adult Bottlenose Dolphins hanging about between Pen Anglas and the outer breakwater. For a short time they were fishing, and lots of splashy action was going on. I could also see a few gannets diving in. After that they just moved round in circles sometimes coming relatively close towards me.

I had another look from Harbour Village this afternoon, (Thursday 23rd) .  All I could see was a single Porpoise. Probably a sign that the Bottlenose Dolphins had moved on.

See you


It also seems according to our Stena Shipmate Andrew, that the dolphins were seen from the Lifeboat on Wednesday evening! Dan probably caught them making their way home!