Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Verenas Early Morning Bottle's...confirmation..

An early call from Verena "I am at Harbour Village and two Bottlenose are making their way from Pen Anglas To the breakwater....
I jumped in the car and drov to meet her , in a few minutes we were watching the Dolphins from the breakwater. They were in to the sun so the pics are not so good, but the female with a calf may be identifiable... There were four animals in the first pod , but a second pod of around six came in from the bay, there were lots of gannets feeding and obviously a lot of fish. As the second group approached the first slipped away into the harbour towards lower town, as if not wanting to be joined by the second group, This group didnt hang around, but wandered back into the bay. The first pod snuck out over on the far side of the harbour enterence , soon all were gone.

Sent photo's off to Laura at Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Group who have an ID  catalogue of most of the Cardigan Bay Dolphins compiled over many years, and got a result!

Yep, it's Topnotch (100 in the catalogue).

Thanks again for this - nice to know what the CB dolphins are up to!
Laura Mears

Project Officer, Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Group

So it was "Topnotch" an animal I have seen several times around Mwnt over the years and a familiar animal to many observers., great stuff !!!