Thursday, 30 June 2011

WOW...Porps dolphins and a sunfish too!

Another  three day  Sea Trust /Pembrokeshire College Wildlife Observer Wales "Cetaceans" course successfully delivered today.
We started on Tuesday at the college, with a morning in the classroom working on cetacean ID and then put it into practice by visiting Ramsay Sound. The porpoises put on a magnificent show including mothers and calves showing nicely, seen from the "Copper Mine" location.
Wednesday was based around  Fishguard Harbour/Strumble Head with biology lessons and tests in our Yellow Sumarine workshop facility at the Ocean Lab. Coincidentally Ian Hotchin phoned to say there were two porp's off the harbour as we were in the Ocean Lab, thanks Ian! We fared less well at Strumble with only one porpoise seen and then not by many.. but it demonstrateded the fickleness of Nature and we all had the opportunity to enjoy the sun at one of Pembrokeshires most impressive headlands.
We went out with a bit of a bang today at Newquay, with bottlenose dolphins putting on a great show from the harbour wall. The first group on Steve Hartleys "Sulaire" had close up bottles from the boat, our second dipped,  but for most of us the brief appearance of a very small, very early, but extremely obliging sunfish was ample recompense. My picture is far from "centred" but I was on top of the lookout position over Steve's Cabin so was rolling like a bucking bronco! It was a great bunch of Students and we all had a gas! Still one place left next week, first come first served, see: WOW courses on  right of the blog!