Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bottlenose Dolphins doing a spot of Mackerel Bashing

A 3 hour wildlife watching charter today with a family from Llandovery.....a pod of 4 Bottlenose Dolphins (3 together and one bringing up the rear) observed near the Mwnt.....we slowed to 6 knots to pass by and head on towards Aberporth......having passed them, they kept 'catching up' whilst remaining around 100 plus metres off to our port hand and then stbd side, until making a few passes under the bow.......There were lots of boats out fishing for mackerel (succesfully) and the Dolphs appeared to keep hitting shoals....thrashing around briefly before carrying on.....We shot a video, but it's lost most of its clarity in the upload to our Facebook group :-(
Welcome to view it there, but not worth posting here i'm afraid.....Doesn't do them /the sighting any justice ;-)
Edit: Christina has just sent me this photo she took.....many thanks!