Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Porpoises in Fishguard Harbour.

This afternoon after three days chained to my desk I managed to break out and Verena, Freddie and I had a look from the Outer Breakwater at Fishguard Harbour. The Sea was choppy and rough as I expected so I congratulated myself on not bothering to bring a camera, I nearly went back for.
Dooh!!! as we looked around the end of the breakwater a gannet dived in about twenty yards away and  surfaced swallowing a mackerel. Just behind it a mother and calf porpoise surfaced. we watched them for half an hour or so, trying to work out who we were looking at. There seemed to be one paler mother with a very small calf , then another darker mother with a bigger calf, also  possibly another adult. Of course no camera no photo's Aaaargh!