Friday, 26 August 2011

Belatedly from "Stevo"...

Saturday 20th August

Mum and I went to Mwnt at 1-3pm and

We saw a group of 5 Bottlenose Dolphins with a calf at 2pm.

They were travelling across the headland but very closely in and then another group of 3 Bottlenose Dolphins came in to Mwnt bay and

they were feeding and milling around in front of us when they were still there when we left the watch and we also saw a couple of gannets circling and diving in the sea.

The sea conditions was south westerly wind force 3



P:S 3 species in 24 hours Commons / Fin Whales/ and bottles awesome stuff!

Yep Stevo, and with Bottlenose Dolphin frome Steve Hartleys boat "Sulaire" on the last day of our Wildlife Observer Wales Cetaceans course three species (Porpoise, Minke Whale and Bottlenose Dolphin) we finished the course in grand style. As you say the cetacean watching in West Wales is awesome!