Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blue Shark - Amroth

There is plenty going on in the seas off Pembrokeshire at present! The wonderful sightings of Fin Whales some 28 miles off St Anne's Head yesterday as reported in the posting below confirms Sea Trust's belief that Fin Whales pass through the seas off Pembrokeshire's waters in numbers each year.
Rather closer to shore the Blue Shark pictured was found on Telpyn Beach, just east of Amroth, by Mrs Campion this morning and reported to Sea Trust. The shark was approximately 5.5 feet long and did not have any wounds on it. It had clearly been washed up or stranded earlier today and had apparently been seen close inshore yesterday. Blue Sharks are rarely seen close inshore although they are regularly seen in the Celtic Deep some 25 miles plus off the Pembrokeshire coast (see posting of 30 July below). It seems likely that this shark was ill to have been washed up on the beach.
Many thanks to Mrs Campion for contacting Sea Trust and to the members of her family for showing me the shark.