Friday, 12 August 2011

Bottles around Fishguard still.


Another call from Ian Hotchin out on his yacht, this afternoon, reporting a pod of 8-10 bottles off Pen Anglas. I drove down to Fishguard Harbour to see I f they were off the breakwater just in time to see a couple of adults  including one with a calf  making their way out towards Dinas Island. Spoke to Ian when I got back and he thought they may be a seperate group or the pod had split. He also described a big adult seen earlier in the week that had a patch of what looked like barnacles on the tailstock just above the tail.
I have seen this on common dolphins before but not on a bottle. Dolphins are constantly shedding their skin to prevent this kind of infestation but I think sometimes where there is some kind of scar tissue this may sometimes occur...