Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Either end of the day, north and south ...

Hmm, quite a rewarding day in terms of land based cetacean watching! A flying visit to Newquay produced what seemed to be two female bottles with well advanced calves, along with another single (young looking) adult off the harbour wall . The trip boats seemed to be working well within the Ceredigion marine code although a small RHIB and an even smaller inflatable with outboard seemed intent in chasing the dolphins, as did a Kayak.

To be expected given the time of the year I suppose, and the amount of holiday makers, although the Ceredigion County Council Water ranger seemed to be just getting his act together in the harbour as we left at 11 am. At least they have one!

The speed boat illustrates the potential danger stupid people acting thoughtlessly can pose to the dolphins as it went scything through them. The red trip boat was progressing sedately with dolphins surfacing around it, and playing with a large fish, seemingly unconcerned by the boats unhurried progress.

A look out from the Fishguard outer breakwater this evening produced a bit of a surprise with a pod of around 12-20 Common dolphins about a mile offshore patrolling at speed across Fishguard bay and back!

Would love to see your dead cetacean pic's Steve!