Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I guess thats why they call it the blue...

Blue Shark image: Richard Stonier.
When I was a kid the word Shark was generally proceeded by the words "man eating" or followed by the words "fin soup"  neither appelation serves these magnificent creatures kindly, both being used as an excuse to kill them.
Richard photographed this specimen (8ft long and around 150 lbs) being caught off the Scillys.
Once upon a time it would have been killed and hung from a gallows back at the home port, but now they are tagged and released...
We saw a couple very briefly from our last "Celtic Wildcat"  trip, indeed Nick our Skipper also does angling charters which also are part of the tagging scheme.
Thanks Richard for sending this picture of what is primarily, and should be respected as one of the oceans most  graceful and beautiful creatures.