Sunday, 28 August 2011

Strumbler Stonier, had a whale of a time!

I had permission to use this image but can't remermber who I got it from, apologies!

*** Humpback Whale ***

Seen at 1410 for at least 5 mins moving East into bay and breaching. It must have breached (complete breach) at least 8 times. (Lost count in excitement!)

Sunfish - 2

Common Porpoise - Showing quite well late afternoon in reasonable numbers

Posted by Richard Stonier at 6:17 PM (passed on by RS from Pembs Bird Blog)
This is the second,  Humpback sighting from Strumble and a just reward for one of its most concientious observers... Well Done Richard! First sighting was in June 2005 during a Sea Trust National Biodiversity Week event seen by Bethan Cox, Chantal Bloomink and the Walrus. I filmed it and its on You Tube although its not very good as its very distant and only really distinguishable as as Humpy in the last couple of seconds of the clip. None the less it is a good record shot! Heledd (nee) Phillips reported a large whale she suspected of being a Humpback a year or so before that, but was not certain.I have to say we were all a bit sceptical at the time but I am inclined to believe she was right! Its certainly worth a mention,so this is probably the third ever reported Humpback for West Wales although only the second confirmed sighting.
This year I had  a brief sighting of one from the Ferry but in Irish Waters. Last Weeks Fin Whale encounter inthe Celtic Deep had a distant whale that breached several times which we suspected of being a Humpy...  Just goes to show its always worth having a look at Strumble, with two whale species this week