Monday, 22 August 2011

A surprising lack of cetaceans ...

A last minute ferry training session for new volunteer Jessica Creak in less than perfect conditions, although today better than yesterdayday, produced a small surprise.Yesterday a couple of Risso's sightings and common dolphins, today nothing except a dead seal! surprisingly no porpoises. Despite it being a training sessiomn with only myself and Jessica, we were trying hard and Helmsman, Alan Murrow, was also trying hard to spot animals adding a couple of sightings yesterday. Senior Master, Collum Claire, rushed out from the bridge to try and get us onto "a fin" off Strumble but we could not find it... seems we were just a couple of hours too late...

Good Afternoon Cliff ,
At about 8.15 this morning i had 10 to 15 Common Dolphin move East to West quite slowly ( it took about 20 mins ) , 1 obvious small animal in the group.