Saturday, 3 September 2011

Friday 2nd September

The weather forecast looked ominous as we left the house to head for Pembroke dock to embark on another wildcat experience, but as we set out on the water, the clouds parted and out came the sun. Today we (the Walrus and Jessica) were joined by Steve and Anthony Lucas, Steve Rosser, the Slocomb family, the Cripps ladies, Elfyn Pugh and our Peter Boyle. The winds were force 3 to 4 and so choppy water was going to make it difficult to catch any cetacean sightings – especially those fin whales again, but moral was high and everyone scoured the ocean for the odd fin or splash. Everyone was delighted when we ran into 3 separate pods of common dolphins – showing off jumping and riding the bow wave; we were surrounded at all angles. After a while we headed for Grassholm to see what was left of the gannet colony. We were greeted with many still very young birds – all fluffed up (see pictures), and seals sunbathing on the rocks below. A wonderful sight but not sure about the smell! We finished the trip and birthed just as the good weather window began to close. Overall a very successful trip and; after only seeing the cetaceans from miles away and high up on the ferry bridge, it was incredible being able to almost reach out and touch them! My first real up-close and personal trip with the dolphins.

Photographs: Jessica Creak