Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Its all happening up North!

F.A.O. Cliff Benson,
I have recently taken over as public relations officer for the National Coastwatch Institution station at Porth Dinllaen, Gwynedd. One of my new jobs is to report dolphin and porpoise sightings to the appropriate monitoring groups.
So, starting from weekend 10/11 September 2011:
Bottlenose Dolphin (20+) passing Trywn Porth Dinllaen about 1km offshore heading SW - 11.15am 15.09.11
Risso's Dolphin (2 adults) feeding 50m to north of Trwyn Porth Dinllaen, departed to SW - 10.30am 25.09.11
Bottlenose Dolphin (6+) 1km NW of Trwyn Porth Dinllaen, possibly hunting as a group with a lot of breaching - 1.00pm 25.09.11
Sunday was a good day at Porth Dinllaen! I observed the Risso's myself from close range and I am 100% sure of the species ID.
I'll send future sighting information at 2 / 3 week intervals.
Kind regards,
Martin Moore.NCI, Porth Dinllaen