Monday, 26 September 2011

Right Whale is right whale for Wales!

The sighting of a rare southern right whale off New Plymouth's coast yesterday is being touted as a good omen for the Wales rugby team.

Welsh tourists Dave Robinson and Aled Mainwaring were out with Dave Chadfield of Chaddy's Charters, near Barrett Reef, about 12.15pm yesterday when the whale and its calf appeared from the deep, right in front of the boat.
Mr Robinson, who is in Taranaki visiting his daughter Jane Moffitt ahead of the match, described it as a fantastic sight.
"They are quite rare. Here we were going out for a gentle ride and we come across one of the giants of the sea," he said. "We're seeing whales and we're from Wales."
Mr Mainwaring said it was a real bonus to see the whale, which was estimated to be about 18m long.
"It was brilliant, we were out looking for seals. It just goes to show what Taranaki has to offer," he said.
The men agreed spotting the whale was a sign of good things to come from the Welsh rugby team. "It's definitely a good omen for Monday night's game," Mr Mainwaring said. 
And he was right Wales got off to a cracking start with a penalty in the first five minutes and three trys in the first twenty...they lost the plot horribly in the following twenty minutes but with Andy Powell on the field in the second half, Wales were back on track for a tryfest ...Wales 81 Namibia 7....