Friday, 16 September 2011

Sea Trust Celtic Wildcat Survey, Thursday 15th Sept...

What with the tail ends of a couple of hurricanes and one of the biggest seas I have experienced off Strumble last Monday, the chances of getting out yesterday seemed slim. Against the odds and much to my relief and that of boat trip organiser Rich Crossen, my hunch that it would be OK out there paid off and we had a fantastic day of Birds and Dolphins on a relatively calm sea beneath sunny skies.
Our 92 mile Oddysey around Grassholm and the Smalls produced great birds (includingSabines Gull, Bonxie, Stormies etc).
Grassholm still had plenty of Gannets with plenty of Gugas still wing flapping, A Trawler had loads of Fulmars and gulls but also a handfull of Stormies which flitted around the boat giving superb views.
A single whale blow had us all scanning for its owner who sadly failed to materialise and we had a long wait untill we connected with any Dolphins. We were almost at the point of thinking they were a lost cause when Simon West (who had travelled from North London to be with us) let out a yell and soon a pod was swinging in to bowride. From then on we had them most of the way back in to the Haven, probably 200+ . although we recorded a more conservative 150! A lost migrating reed warbler saught refuge and we manged to catch it and bag it up before releasing it as we came in to Neyland. It flew off into a bush, after a moments contemplation sitting on my fingers. It was certainly the Reed Warblers lucky day and great day thoroughly enjoyed by all of us, thanks Nick! For more pics click here