Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dolphin-Othon,Wednesday 31st August

Images: &Words: Jessica Creak

Wednesday morning brought with it, as well as a warm but glaring sun, a large number of Risso’s dolphins. In just a 13 minute time window, 32 Risso’s showed us their fins. This wasn’t the only sighting of the morning however, Commons and porpoises were also to be seen, earmarked by feeding gannets near both the Irish and Welsh coast.

We had a large crowd of cetacean spotters joining us in the afternoon; including the Hambley’s and the Wiseman’s along with Stevo and Tony Lucas. The trip swiftly became very exciting with a sighting of a pod of over 100 common dolphins.

Spotted by the Walrus a few miles out we waited patiently for them to come into view, and with Sarah and Susan (12 and 14) mastering the telescopes everyone was very happy to catch the active pod breaching all over the place. Our friends the Risso’s also popped up again as we entered the infamous “Risso’s Triangle” so overall another very successful trip! Bring on Friday.