Monday, 24 October 2011

Poppit Bottles

Image CB

Image: Ernst Schriver

From : John O'Sullivan 7:07 PM (15 hours ago Sunday)
Sat on the grass just above the rocks at the extreme left hand side of popit sands this morning. Within seconds a bottlenose surfaced just offshore. I then lost it for a while but then noticed an odd swirling effect on the basically flat sea just behind the surf line. Realising it was probably the Dolphin I focussed on the spot and was surprised to see a foot and a half ?sea bass jump clear out of the water followed closely by a dolphin. Seconds later a dolphins head appeared with a big fish (same?) across it's mouth. A few minutes later two dolphin appeared, they then seemed to swim straight out to sea. One dolphin had a normal coloured dorsal fin the other had a greyer area towards the top of the dorsal.

Thanks for this John, nice to get one from Poppit on the Teifi Estuary, quite a lot of dolphins have such markings (see above) to see them catching fish is also pretty exciting. I have illustrated it with an image by Ernst Schriver taken off the harbour wall at Newquay earlier this year.

October has been a blustery wet month but even then its possible to get sightings from the shore.

Its looking like we might get out on the Stena Europe on Thursday/Friday/Sat? the first time conditions have been looking favourable since September!