Friday, 7 October 2011

Risso's Dolphins off Bardsey

Cliff- Just to let you know that I was talking to some of our local Mach. folk the other day viz- Alan and Mair Hughes and they had spent a week on Bardsey Island in mid September and they had seen a group of Risso's dolphins from the island. Historically I'm aware that Risso's are often seen off Bardsey and it intrigues why that is. What is it that attracts these enigmatic animals to Cardigan Bay in general? Is the Bay a productive area for squid which is an important food item on the Risso's menu? Why is it that nobody is conducting a study into this theory? You and I know that the Bay is probably one of the best places in the 'World' to see this species and yet there doesn't seem to be any organised and detailed scientific study conducted to establish why the Bay is so vitally important to their survival. It's now well recognised that over the last few years 'Sea Trust' has amassed some vitally important data on the abundance and distribution of Risso's in Cardigan Bay particularly on the Fishguard-Rosslare ferry route and in my opinion, for what it's worth, a more thorough and detailed study should be conducted into the population dynamics of the Risso's dolphin in the Bay.