Tuesday, 22 November 2011

More Risso's at Strumble this morning!

Image: Rich Crossen: Risso's North Pemb's 09.

Strumbler and regular contributer to Whales in Wales , Adrian Rodger just phoned in to tell me that he had a close encounter with four Risso's at first light this morning as they came around Mackerel Rock travelling west past the Strumble lookout  towards Ramsey out of Fishguard Bay ! He described them as two larger  adults  and two smaller individuals. He did not spot any particularly unusual features, the light was not good, although one large adult appeared to have a lot of scarring around its head. A quick phone call to Tich a local pot fisherman confirmed they had been around and he had seen about nine or ten "very active" feeding around Strumble on a couple of days last week. Tich also told me the scallop fishermen had been catching big squid in their trawls "as long as your forearm". He also confirmed that there were lots of herring around in Fishguard bay at the moment, which would probably attract the squid in to feed. Whether the Risso's are feeding on squid or herring is difficult to ascertain,it seems they may be spoilt for choice!