Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Alison Ross

Hi Cliff. Hope you're OK. I went up to Ramsey Sound today, Tuesday 27th December & watched a small number of porpoises coming down at the start of the ebb tide. The only sightings after that were of a group of 5 foraging in the waters between the tide race & Ramsey Island at the south end of the Sound. I also spent a couple of hours up there on Christmas Eve before the prevailing weather got the better of me but had no porpoise sightings so it was good to see them today even though the numbers were low. All the best, Alison
Great stuff Alison, great to have you back on the internet! Not sure if the winds will ever die down but we will be hoping to see some Porpoises at Strumble Head at our annual New Years Day Porpoise Watch which starts at 2.30 (14.30) , on New Years Day. Hopefully a reasonable time to let hangovers clear. All are welcome, bring binoculars and something/someone to keep you warm! Obviously if the weather is really atrocious don't bother, but there is the shelter so unless its really bad we should be OK!