Friday, 13 January 2012

100 Common Dolphins and pairf of playful Bottles off Poppit

We have been working on the river Severn for the EA.....returned this evening to find we had missed a shout on the Lifeboat......

Thought WinW bloggers would be interested to know that the crew were treated to a rare treat on the way back.....crewman Paul Newman reported on our Facebook Group.... "Cardigan Lifeboat call-out today approx 5-6 miles north of Poppit 2.30pm....Well, we are often lucky to see dolphins, but today was AWESOME ! Returning to station we found ourselves surrounded by a pod of common dolphins approx 100 strong - very inquisitive and playful. Also a pair of Bottlenose swimming under our bow-wave belly-up !" Crewman Clive williams added that it made his day.....and was just gutted he didn't have the helmetcam!

I have never seen Commons on our patch /off Poppit.......Any WinW bloggers aware of Common sightinsg in this area?