Saturday, 25 February 2012

All will be revealed!

Only an idiot would do a cetacean survey in vizibility as per the attached photo."
(Steve Rosser) ...50 commons and a triple crown. WOT A GOOD DAY

Another last minute survey on the Stena Europe and more in hope than faith that the weather window I thought I had spotted would give us at least one days survey for February 2012.

When I arrived at Fishguard Harbour the forcasted fog was enveloping everything and I realised my last minute volunteers Steve Rosser and Barbara Davies woul think me mad for summoning their help!

We crept out of the harbour, all eyes on the bridge straining to see more than a few yards beyond our bows. Captain Bob Wheel and the rest of the old gang on the bridge started the usual gags about the fog being my fault ignoring the fact they had been enclosed in it for the past two crossings, without my presence. I explained I would use my dynamic mental processes to clear the fog but strangely this only brought even more ribald comments....

Twenty minutes later the fog was lifting the sea was flat calm and Barabara spotted our first porpoises these were followed by another four sightings making five sightings for a total of nine porpoises, the last one spotted just off Rosslare Strand as the light began to fade.

This morning began calm and and overcast, perfect conditions but we were well past the tusker before Steve spotted a pod of Dolphins in the distance ahead of us. We went to grab our cameras and then lost them! it tok some time before we relocated them , muddling around as if trying not to attract attention , about 500 meters off our port bow. There wer about fifty but they let us pass without the expected exhilarating race in to our bow, some you win some you lose!

We followed up with another six sightings totalling another nine Porpoises....

Grand total = circa 50 common Dolphins and 18 porpoises, in 12 sightings, not bad for about six hours of survey time in Foggy February!